Week of March 11th 2019


Dear parents,
With this week we finished our theme “How the world works”. This was a very challenging week:
recycling, making crafts from recycled materials and how we are creating our recycled robot. As
every Monday, we started the week with learning three new sight words: some, her, would and
filling the sight – word journal. Next thing we did was reading one new interesting book. “I like
School!” book for developing reading skills and it was new reading task for the children. We read
the book once together and after that each child tried by his own. Then they all filled their
worksheet with their favorite picture and sentence from the book. According to the theme and
the recycling activities, we decided to make beautiful necklaces using jar lids. We chose the lids
as part of the recycling materials. The children painted them in different colors and with
teachers help they made them as necklaces. They were all excited from the final result. As every
Tuesday, we filled our Add & Subtract Journal and we continued practicing the math exercises
with word problems. The children show great cognitive results and complete our math
expectations. After math class, according to the recycling theme we chose the bottle caps and
different colored cardboard. By using bottle cups the children made very cute: caterpillars,
spiders, flowers and cats. They also used markers and colored pencils to decorate the same.
They all were very delighted from the final look of the crafts. On Wednesday we were working
the picture – word journal, practicing writing by hearing the sounds of the letters. On this way
the children learn how to write the words that describe the pictures in the journal. We have to
say that their progress is enormous and they are all completing the work very well. From the
recycling materials on Wednesday we chose the jars. Using different color paint, shines and
different color tissue paper, the children made beautiful jar crafts. They really enjoyed while
working and were happy with their cute decorations. This week we finished our 3D shapes
booklet. The children recognized all the shapes we have learned and colored all of them in the
appropriate color. Together with the children, we built a giant robot from all of the recycling
materials we collected the past two weeks. The children were real helpers and very excited
during the work. We gave him a name so you can all meet our robot Mr. Genius, made by ours
recycled materials. As every Friday, we finished this week with the writing prompts journal. The
children had pictures and chose their favorite animal from the North Pole and what do they see
during the rainy days. They copied the words and made beautiful drawings. We also made a craft
connected to the following St. Patrick holiday. The children colored pots of gold, and decorated
them with gold coins, clouds and rainbow from different materials. Also, we finished the week
with our science class. For this science class we decided to make an experiment connected to the
St. Patrick holiday. We chose the “Magic leprechaun rocks”. For this activity we used soda,
vinegar, green powder paint, shines, green dish soap and green balls. From the ingredients we
made small balls, as our leprechaun rocks and we put them in the vinegar to see the reaction. The
balls melted in the vinegar and the small green balls came out of them. That is how we discovered
the magic leprechaun rocks.